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What the IAS Exam is all about and What you should do to be Adequately Prepared

It is a meaningful thing to serve your country. People usually equate service to the state to joining the military. However, there are numerous ways to help grow your country. One way is to become a civil servant. This is the opportunity that the IAS offers to the citizens of India. The Indian Administrative Service is the administrative branch of all Indian services and is considered the prime civil service section in India. Once you make it into the IAS, you can serve in various public sector undertakings. To join the IAS is to a degree a tall order. The reason for this difficulty is found in the exams executed by the UPSC which are among the most cutthroat on the planet. This is the IAS exam, and this article is going to tell you all about it and how to overcome the juggernaut of a test ahead of you.

A good starting point is the payout of the exams. The IAS exam takes a format involving three stages. These three are the preliminary stage, main exam stage and interview stage. The first level is a screening stage in which the applicants sit for two papers with multiple choices. Only by passing this can you proceed to the next stage. What you get here will not be considered during the final consolidation of marks. The main examination comprises nine papers with an essay feel to the questions. Your character has to be assessed on a one-on-one basis in the interview stage. Your rank is derived from your score in the main exam and personality test.

Now as you mull over the above, let us also consider the eligibility issue. After all you can’t do an exam that you are not qualified for. You must be an Indian citizen as prescribed by the various scenarios laid out by exam rules. You are required to have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution of higher learning or have technical qualifications that are recognized by the government. As well, you must take the qualifying exams. There is also an age limit set, with a minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 32 years at play.

Lastly, consider the exam preparation. Needless to say, the IAS exams need plenty of practice and preparation. Most experts out there state that you need at least ten to twelve months of thorough preparation to sail through the IAS exams. The high competition involved means that the examinee will need to come up with a new strategy in order for them to pass. Don’t just focus on reading a lot but also look into the quality of the study.

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